Person works on laptop sitting in enclosed porch

Do you often wish you could bring the feeling and atmosphere of your yard or garden into the house? Every season brings beauty and light, but cold, rain, and insects may keep us inside more than we’d like. An excellent solution may be an enclosed porch. American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade serves homeowners in southeast Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg and throughout Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties. We help them create indoor rooms with an outdoor feel. Our services include building quality enclosed porches and sunrooms, in addition to installing retractable awnings.

Do You Want an Enclosed Porch?

Enclosed porches are a great idea. They create additional, flexible space inside your home. We have been building enclosed porches for residents of southeast Pennsylvania for years. As a family-owned, local company, we grew up in the business of making beautiful small additions and enclosures that provide families with access to outside areas. There are many indoor porches you’ll love, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your residence.

We are experts at designing and building a porch that includes a roof, walls, and usually a door that opens from the outside. Even during the cooler months, you and your family may be able to enjoy these unique spaces, depending on the design elements you choose. If the area for porch enclosure already has a foundation and roof, American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade can quickly build walls and add windows, as well as a sliding glass door. This type of enclosed porch doesn’t require a building permit. After a week or less, the finished result will look like it was part of your home’s original design.

What Is the Process for Porch Enclosures?

When you contact American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade, we will make an appointment to visit your home and talk to you about potential plans. We can answer questions about the choice of materials, costs, and time commitments, and we will provide you with a free estimate. Here are some of the many options you may like for a new enclosed porch:

Screened Porches

If you don’t want windows, we can install high-quality screens to keep insects and other pests outside. That way you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors without concern for bug bites. Alternatively, we can install windows with screens for greater flexibility and comfort.

Heated Enclosed Porch

You may prefer a small electric heater or fireplace to ward off the chill. Adding heat to this outdoor room increases its usefulness and comfort.

Food Preparation

Do you want a microwave handy for warming up a cup of tea? Do the kids use the enclosed porch for a play area and need snacks? Would you like a kegerator or small refrigerator in the porch room? Or would you like a gas line connected to the smoker or grill outside your planned enclosed porch? We offer designs that incorporate your plans for entertaining, cooking, and convenience.


Gardeners will love having more light for their plants in the fall and winter months. Some may even use the porch to start seedlings for gardening in the spring. Whichever ways you want to incorporate your love of plants and greenery into the enclosed porch design, our experienced designers can help.

Other Options for Additions and Renovations

We offer quality work and 30 years of experience building enclosed porches and sunrooms, plus installing retractable awnings. We love to accommodate fill-in jobs that make quick work of enclosing an already-existing space, as well as more elaborate year-round rooms that add light and warmth to your home every day of the year. And for our clients who require shade protection, our high-quality retractable awnings for patios and decks are all made in the U.S.A.

Additions and improvements, such as enclosed porches, sunrooms, and retractable awnings, extend the use of the space in your home. They can also improve energy efficiency and increase the value of your home. Whether you want a get-away spot for meditation and reading, an artist’s studio, a place to watch football with your friends near the beer cooler, or just prefer eating a peaceful breakfast on the enclosed porch every morning, we can help you achieve the desired outcome.

Free Estimates for an Enclosed Porch in Southeast PA

Let our locally-owned business help you create an inviting enclosed porch in your home. Our experienced designers will provide a free estimate for homeowners throughout southeast Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more. We serve homeowners in Harrisburg and throughout Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties of PA.