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There are plenty of reasons Southeast Pennsylvania is so attractive, and one of the biggest is the opportunity to experience all four seasons in a calendar year. There’s nothing quite like our combination of snowy winters, fall foliage, and everything in between. And for those who wish to admire the beautiful scenery of their landscape or use their outdoor-indoor space year-round, a sunroom could be the ideal solution.

American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade specializes in providing sunrooms and services to clients in Harrisburg, PA, Berks County, and the surrounding counties. With over 30 years of experience, we’re proud to have earned our reputation for success and positive customer testimonials. Learn more about how a sunroom from American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade can help enhance the functionality of your home.

Sunrooms From American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade


To ensure finished products meet the expectations of customers, as well as the high standards we have set for ourselves, American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade uses proven methods and top-quality materials for all its sunroom builds. Our team can perform full construction services, including using a home’s existing roof and foundation to create an indoor-outdoor oasis. Our sunroom services fall into the following categories:

Full Construction Sunroom

The sunroom services at American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade involve fully constructed indoor-outdoor spaces built from scratch. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle every aspect of the process, from the construction of the roof down to the foundation.

We don’t build on a whim. All of our custom rooms are designed and approved by a professional engineer to ensure the structural integrity of our work. We also manage any permits and inspections that may be required for your job. Clients can expect this process to take between one to two weeks depending on weather and other factors.

Fill-In Jobs

If you have a space already and believe it could be better used as a converted sunroom, requests like these can be accommodated by the team at American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade. Our fill-in jobs are ideal for residents looking for a cost-effective and easy solution for turning their covered porch or screen room into a space that can be enjoyed at any time – no matter the season.

Enclosed Porch Conversion

For clients with enclosed porches or patios exposed to the elements, we can convert their existing space into a sunroom for 365-day use. With the appropriate materials, these types of jobs generally require only modest renovations. Because this type of sunroom service usually doesn’t require permits or inspections, customers can expect it to be finished within a week or sometimes even quicker.

Reasons to Consider a Sunroom


If you’re still unsure about adding a sunroom to your home, consider the following benefits:


One of the biggest appeals to adding a sunroom is the enhanced living space it provides. While a sunroom addition is great for indoor-outdoor lounging and entertainment, the space has superior versatility and can easily serve many purposes. Residents can quickly turn a sunroom into a space that best fits a family’s needs. For larger events or gatherings, use your sunroom to create additional dining space. If you have guests staying the night during the warmer months, transform your sunroom into a luxurious spare bedroom. What about your very own garden room? With a sunroom, you can easily modify the space to accommodate different uses as your needs change.

Added Home Value

One of the benefits of adding a sunroom that homeowners will appreciate most is the potential increase in home value. The added appeal and functionality that a sunroom provides can increase the value of your home. Should you ever choose to list your home, a sunroom can only help increase the potential amount of offers.

Going Green

Another benefit that homeowners will appreciate is the potential energy savings that come with adding a sunroom. With the energy-efficient walls and high-quality windows that will be installed, your home may experience improved energy efficiency throughout.

Call the Sunroom Experts Today

Homeowners can take advantage of all the benefits of a sunroom with help from the experts at American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has been proud to go above and beyond for our clients in Southeast PA, including Harrisburg and the surrounding counties: Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon. To learn more about our sunroom services and how we can help you create the indoor-outdoor space you desire, contact us today at American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade.