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Maintaining your home takes time and expense. It is also a worthwhile, satisfying endeavor. You can make sure you have a comfortable space to enjoy both the outside and inside of your home with a three-season room. Designed to expand your living space and facilitate connection with the natural world, three-season rooms are enjoyable sunrooms during spring, summer, and fall. These aluminum structured, single-pane glass rooms are a cost-effective solution that can also be used in the winter months. For someone interested in a more energy efficient product that is intended for year-round use, then a year-round vinyl sunroom room with double pane glass is recommended.

With a three-season room designed and constructed by American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade, homeowners can enjoy more light, warmth, and outdoor views without leaving home. We serve customers throughout southeast Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg and throughout Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties.

Three-Season Rooms Designed for You

American Sunrooms, Awnings and Shade is a 100% custom company. We fit to meet the needs and desires of our valued customers creating the perfect blend of design and purpose. There are plenty of sunroom ideas for decor and style available in popular media, but American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade is more interested in what you want from a three-season room. Our designers will make an appointment to visit you at home, at your convenience. They can help you look at the site for the three-season room and determine how it can fit with the whole house. Whether the area is currently a patio, enclosed porch, or a room facing out onto your property, we can renovate and construct a three-season sunroom addition that completes your home.

When deciding to construct a three-season sunroom, homeowners and designers consider both the available budget and lifestyle of your family. The three-season and year-round rooms do not connect to the HVAC system of the home. Both kinds of rooms will have their own PTAC or Mini-Split heating/air unit. Both rooms have this capability. Protecting from insect bites and too much sun during hot weather, these rooms can be used for projects, entertaining, plants, and quiet breakfasts in spring, summer, fall, and milder days in winter.

What Is the Process for Creating a Three-Season Room?

The services offered by American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade include full construction capabilities. We can either use the existing roof and foundation for the three-season room, or we can build a foundation and roof for the addition. Depending on how much construction is needed, a building permit may be required, and we work with professional engineers to submit the necessary plans to your township or country. Construction starts after the permit is approved.

If the three-season room renovation is a fill-in job or one that does not require a building permit, we can schedule the work as soon as possible. This can be a very cost-effective way to turn your enclosed porch, patio area, or screened room into beautiful additional living space that adjoins your yard.

Homeowners have a choice of quality materials, which include:

  • Insulated windows for controlling heat exchange
  • Window screens for insect control
  • Retractable awnings to flexibly add and remove shade
  • Sliding glass or other door styles

Retractable Awnings and Other Options

In addition to building beautiful year-round rooms, we can construct a three-season room . And if you’d prefer a screened-in porch or enclosed porch, that can often be accomplished without a building permit, depending on the specifics of your home. Let our designers make an appointment so we can discuss all your options. We want to make sure you are happy with your new outdoor-indoor space.

Another excellent addition to consider is a sturdy retractable awning. Made in the U.S.A., our high-quality awnings provide shade and protection from light rainfall. They’re easy to operate and offer a wide choice of patterns and colors to harmonize with the style of your home. We install retractable awnings on both patios and decks to enhance your use of outdoor space.

Free Estimates for a Four-Season Sunroom in Southeast PA

A durable, attractive Sunesta retractable awning may be a welcome addition to your new three-season room. Offered in a variety of fabric colors and patterns, these motorized awnings can help moderate the heat during times of high sun, as well as protect the exterior of the three-season room. When choosing this option for your sunroom, deck, or patio, homeowners can easily manipulate the amount of light and shade for their comfort. These awnings can protect your family from light rain or too much sun exposure.

American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade also offer fully insulated four-season rooms for the enjoyment of outdoor views and additional living space all year round. These sunrooms are fully connected to the heating and cooling systems in the home, and feature fully insulated windows and doors.

Free Estimates for a Three-Season Room

American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade has been creating year-round enclosed porches, and three-season rooms for over 30 years. Passionate about quality home renovations and additions, we pride ourselves as a locally-owned, family-run business that serves southeast Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg and Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties. We have gained an excellent reputation by focusing our attention on these niche construction projects that make such a wonderful difference in the home. Allow us to help you increase the sunlight inside your house and add useful, enjoyable living space for you and your family. Contact us today.