Couple enjoys breakfast in bright sunroom

Bringing more sunlight to inside environments, as well as exposure to greenery, is thought to increase focus and improve sleep patterns. When it comes to this kind of impact on the mind, sunrooms afford homeowners many unique opportunities. Through greater exposure to garden areas and sunlight, we can better enjoy seasonal landscapes and stay in touch with the natural world.

American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade can help you design a year-round room addition that can increase the value of your home and add significantly to its enjoyment. We provide these services in southeast Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg and throughout Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties.

A Year-Round Room Designed for You

As a locally-owned, family-run business in southeastern Pennsylvania, we’ve been building quality year-round rooms for over 30 years. We use insulated glass and well-insulated walls in the construction to create a sunroom that stays warm in the colder months and maintains coolness during the heat of summer. We can help you save money on energy bills and add value to your home. Our designers work directly with homeowners to create a room that connects with the outdoors yet reflects the taste and style of your home and lifestyle.

What Is the Process for Creating a Sunroom?

If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom to your house, American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade will make an appointment with you and send an experienced designer for a consultation. They can view your house as a whole and examine both indoor and outdoor areas.

After discussing your desires and preferences, we will provide you with a free estimate for the creation of your new sunroom. Here are some of the many services and options we offer:


American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade can build the entire sunroom, from roof to foundation, or we can modify an enclosed porch or other external room of your house to create a light-filled sunroom. We usually use vinyl or aluminum materials for durability and ease of care.

Approvals and Permits

We work with professional engineers to submit plans to your township or county. When the building permit is issued, we can start construction, adhering to required inspection regulations and schedules.

Heat and Light

In addition to the natural light from windows and skylights, your sunroom can be connected to electric lights. Many homeowners choose to install a small fireplace or electric heat source for enjoyment during the winter months.


Your sunroom is designed for your lifestyle, whether it means entertaining large parties that move between the house and the four-season sunroom or having a place for your daily yoga session. Whether you want the sunroom for work or play or just desire flexibility, American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade will work with you to design and construct the sunroom to your preferences.

Additions, Renovations, and Other Options

In addition to building beautiful year-round rooms, we can construct a three-season room . And if you’d prefer a screened-in porch or enclosed porch, that can often be accomplished without a building permit, depending on the specifics of your home. Let our designers make an appointment so we can discuss all your options. We want to make sure you are happy with your new outdoor-indoor space.

Another excellent addition to consider is a sturdy retractable awning. Made in the U.S.A., our high-quality awnings provide shade and protection from light rainfall. They’re easy to operate and offer a wide choice of patterns and colors to harmonize with the style of your home. We install retractable awnings on both patios and decks to enhance your use of outdoor space.

Free Estimates for a Four-Season Sunroom in Southeast PA

The services you receive from American Sunrooms, Awnings & Shade are top-notch. We use only quality materials and don’t cut corners on construction and renovation projects. Our goal is to provide homeowners in southeast Pennsylvania with beautiful four-season sunrooms they will enjoy and use for the life of their homes. Creating a sunroom addition can increase home values, and it provides more room for living in a space that is intimately connected to nature and the outdoors.

Receive a free estimate from our experienced designers and discover how you can create a four-season sunroom in your home. Contact us today. We serve homeowners in Harrisburg and throughout Dauphin, Berks, Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and Lebanon counties.